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Paul has played with a large range of musicians, instruments and styles over the last three decades. He has worked well in collaboration with other musicians on all levels, his instrument's 18 strings and special tuning style making it particularly adaptable. He is enthusiastic and personally adapts well to other instruments and styles.

His specialty is meditational or relaxation music as therapy. Recording yoga nidra (meditation) music for satyananda yogines (teacher), playing at yoga seminars and other arts festivals.

Paul has also been composing film sound-tracks, as his vocabulary enables him to create moods, flavors and rhythms of many genrés of film.

During his years of experience Paul has developed a recording studio with professional quality equipment, capable of recording, editing and final production to a variety of output formats (CD-ROM, Mp3 etc.). The studio can cater for small bands, as well as providing editing/transfer of old material (old tapes etc). He has created a relaxed professional musical environment. Being a particularly patient fellow, he caters for musicians who are novices at the recording process.


“No Boundarys” by Paul Best is available online worldwide from