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No Boundries

The composer and instrumentalist of world music and kirtan known as Paul Best has released his latest LP record, “No Boundarys.” The album contains eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. It has been proudly published on the Yatte Yattah Beat independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Meditative, creative, calming and inspiring, “No Boundarys” is a fulfilling listen for fans of New Age music, world music, and kirtan music alike. Known at home and abroad for playing what is perhaps best described as world music, Paul Best cites as main artistic influences mostly rock, such as that of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Cure, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan. “I have always loved listening to music,” writes the musician, who has been playing for more than three decades. “My tastes have expanded over the years, taking in many styles of music.” This penchant for mixing his interests and exploring new sonic territories is a key component of “No Boundarys,” as the title succinctly communicates. Best's new LP combines the traditional music styles of India with measured doses of electronic instrumentation and innovative, unorthodox techniques. Speaking of this, Best writes, “This is an instrumental [record] that introduces sounds which most people have never heard, i.e. sitar, and sitar played with a bow – which turns it into a different instrument – combined with percussion and keyboard.” “No Boundarys” is the latest addition to Paul Best's growing world-music and New-Age repertoire, which contains eight CDs and DVDs. At different points his music has contained elements of kirtan, reggae, pop, rock, jazz, and music for meditation. He has performed as lead instrumentalist accompanying most known instruments in the world, and continues to produce music and background scores for film. Hailing from the New South Wales area of Australia, he has founded his own music studio where he provides a low-pressure, high-tech recording service to small bands, as well as facilitating the editing or transfer of old material (tapes, etc.) to new mediums (CD, .MP3, etc.) [link provided below]. “Paul Best has created a relaxed professional musical environment,” states the official bio for his studio. “Being a particularly patient fellow, he caters to musicians who are novices at the recording process.” “No Boundarys” by Paul Best is available online worldwide at


S. McCauley Lead Press Release Writer www.MondoTunes.com

Out of the Blue - $20.00

My latest CD "Out of the Blue" is a solo Sitar instrumental. I was trying to create some meditative relaxing music with contrasting rhythms. This is my first studio CD in 3 years and over a decade since I first started recording my music. I am more confident in my recording technique. My mixing and mastering skills have improved over the years, with much experimentation and recording other performers and bands, both live and in my studio.

Track 1 Three Phase. like the name suggests it has three parts with a bit of a shock attached (got to have a sense of humor naming instrumentals). Track 2 Don't do that. In this day and age we have got to be more aware of what we do environmentally, from purchasing local or efficient products to turning off a switch so future generations will not have to suffer for our overindulgence. Track 3 Moods of the moon. like night and day this raga has many contrasts or moods. Track 4 Electric Blue. I like this color,some people meditate using colors. Track 5 Change of the tide. I enjoy playing this particular rhythm, like the ocean everybody has a different experience to it's movement. Track 6 Change of perceptions. Every year multinationals spend billions of dollars on lobbying and consultants to enhance there own perception and create disinformation. Track 7 There's something better you could be doing. Long name but these are some of the lyrics for this track, which is also the longer version of track no2. I will record the vocals on my next project. some people wil find this track mediative and good for putting the kids to sleep. (don't listen and drive)

Yatta Yattah Beat Live at Milton Theatre - $20.00

My live recording at Milton Theatre with Mick Hibberd on tabla and Randall Sinnamon on didgeridoo.

Track 1 No Worries this instrumental has a relaxed feel. Track 2 Time Travel. When i play this track it puts me in a meditative state with it's flowing rhythm. Track 3 Don't you know? We're stuffing up our planet. This is an environmental reminder. Track 4 Indian Flavor Just like the name. Track 5 Dancing This rhythm does make me want to dance. Track 6 Raga Dreaming Didge and Sitar blend so well together it does put you in a dreamy space.

Also available as a DVD - $20

Still Waiting - $20.00

Still Waiting was the first CD, recorded at Ross Longfield's studio in Nowra 1997.

The first track Voices evolved through a music session with a didgederidoo player Oolin Narenbull Oolin told me of a vivid dream he had just recently, in the dream he saw an elder with a large staff type object and the elder said to him (listen to the voices of the old ones) and the neck of the sitar reminded him of the staff in his dream. I have lyrics for this song I have yet to record. Track 2 Work Work. Track 3 Walking. Track 4 Feel the morning sun. Track 5 Where are you now. Track 6 Bob and Jimmy. Track 7 Welcome home. Track 8 Water. Track 9 Mountains. Track 10 In the dark. Track 11 Skipping. Track 12 Here it comes again.