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Paul Best has played with a large range of musicians, instruments and styles over the last three decades, recording yoga nidra (meditation) music for satyananda yogines (teacher), playing at yoga seminars and other arts festivals.

He has worked well in collaboration with other musicians on all levels, his instrument's 18 strings and special tuning style making it particularly adaptable. He is particularly enthusiastic and adaptable to other instruments and styles, such as his latest work in Milton with Nicholas Ng on the Chinese erhu.

Paul will perform on Sitar or with another percussion artist accompanying him. He brings a quality sound system to the performances.

Festivals and arts events are enhanced, such as the Nan Tien temple's cultural festival and music events, such as Escape Artfest's closing performance of world music in Milton 2007. As well as performing, at Grafton arts festival, where he also ran a woodworking workshop.

His performances add a unique ambience, making it an event,

and are his own original compositions.

The composer and instrumentalist of world music and kirtan known as Paul Best has released his latest LP record, “No Boundarys.” The album contains eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. It has been proudly published on the Yatte Yattah Beat independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Meditative, creative, calming and inspiring, “No Boundarys” is a fulfilling listen for fans of New Age music, world music, and kirtan music alike.

Known at home and abroad for playing what is perhaps best described as world music, Paul Best cites as main artistic influences mostly rock, such as that of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Cure, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan.

“I have always loved listening to music,” writes the musician, who has been playing for more than three decades. “My tastes have expanded over the years, taking in many styles of music.”

This penchant for mixing his interests and exploring new sonic territories is a key component of “No Boundarys,” as the title succinctly communicates. Best's new LP combines the traditional music styles of India with measured doses of electronic instrumentation and innovative, unorthodox techniques.

Speaking of this, Best writes, “This is an instrumental [record] that introduces sounds which most people have never heard, i.e. sitar, and sitar played with a bow – which turns it into a different instrument – combined with percussion and keyboard.”

“No Boundarys” is the latest addition to Paul Best's growing world-music and New-Age repertoire, which contains eight CDs and DVDs. At different points his music has contained elements of kirtan, reggae, pop, rock, jazz, and music for meditation. He has performed as lead instrumentalist accompanying most known instruments in the world, and continues to produce music and background scores for film.

Hailing from the New South Wales area of Australia, he has founded his own music studio where he provides a low-pressure, high-tech recording service to small bands, as well as facilitating the editing or transfer of old material (tapes, etc.) to new mediums (CD, .MP3, etc.) [link provided below].

“Paul Best has created a relaxed professional musical environment,” states the official bio for his studio. “Being a particularly patient fellow, he caters to musicians who are novices at the recording process.” “No Boundarys” by Paul Best is available online worldwide from


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