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The studio is where the magic of the sound technician working closely with the recording artist produces high quality sound products. The studio is run entirely by solar power. The bushland setting has the benefit of allowing loud music without upsetting the neighbours, but the relaxed green atmosphere also encourages creative decision-making without pressure.

Pro Tools™ with Digidesign 002 with AutomationThe Digital Audio Workstation or DAW, using software of industry standard such as ProTools™ and enables studio quality recording and editing running on a Mac G5 Dual Processor

Mackie Onox Mixing Deck The Mackie enables me to record different sound levels for different channels. It is known for having good quality preamps for multiple line inputs. Its high quality EQs are built-in or they can be bypassed to the DigiDesign 002 if required. It enables 16 track stereo recording so that up to 8 band members can be recorded live or separately.

Numerous Microphones There is a collection of quality Rode condenser microphones. The Classic Two mike is a very versatile mike, fantastic for vocals as well as for instruments and overall room recording with 9 polar settings. The NT2 is another good all round versatile mike. A pair of NT5 that I use with my sitar are the most accurate mikes in the high frequencies nice on vocals instruments drums over head etc. A pair of NT3 provides another good all round mike setup, rounded off with a AKG dynamic and Sure 57 mikes.

Technics 7100 Keyboard The studio keyboard is available for artist/composers to add some percussion or other direct sound qualities as required.

Percussion Instruments Additional percussion instruments are available in the studio, including tabla and drums. Other instruments or supporting musicians are available upon request.